Why Do Art Teachers Suck?

If a kid spends all of their creative time drawing Iron Man and The Hulk, why are they learning about Pablo Picasso on Day 1 of art class? Shouldn't they be spending more time drawing exactly what they want to draw?

Stack Overflow's Toxicity Problem

Stack Overflow has been getting a lot of heat lately for being a toxic and hostile community, specifically towards beginners. What people aren’t mentioning is that everyone who’s used Stack Overflow, to a certain degree, is at fault for it being perceived as unfriendly towards beginners.

Why "Never Work for Less Than $X" Is Horrible Advice

If you're trying to get into tech and you have an offer from a company, do not listen to this type of advice. Don't think back on a Medium article you saw that said developers should never accept less than $70,000 a year because anything lower than that is ripping you off. That may be true for the author, but is it true for you?

The Case Against Mandating Maternity and Paternity Leave

In many ways the tech industry serves as the one to push the boundaries of the workplace. From in-office amenities, gym memberships, catered lunches, and a variety of other benefits the tech industry leads and others follow. The one benefit that seems to have the most traction at the moment is mandated maternity and paternity leave.

Start Small and Show Up

The biggest error people make when building a new habit is to go from 0 to 100 overnight.

How I Motivate Myself to Learn

There’s two skills I’ve developed over the past few years that I value m...

The Political Pendulum

How far are we on the "swinging pendulum" of political correctness and what does the future look like if firings like the Google Memo become the norm?

Exclusion in Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives

All of these groups and many others seem to ignore the fact that any group, no matter how hard you try, will be exclusionary to some degree.

What Peter Thiel Never Said

The issue here is that Peter Thiel does not conform to the politics of the Valley and they want him out.

In Defense of Douglas Crockford

Two days ago the tech conference Nodevember announced that they would be removing a keynote speaker from their lineup in an effort to make their conference a more comfortable environment for all attendees.

Asians: Tech's Invisible Minority

So what's causing Asian men and Asian women to outperform whites? And more importantly, why isn't this racial discrepancy being addressed when we're talking about white privilege and a lack of diversity?

My Senior Project: Government Corruption 101

If you don't know already, TurboTax thrives off of the tax system being a complete pain in the ass. If there was no pain there'd be no TurboTax.

LambdaConf Is Embracing True Diversity

Most initiatives for diversity in tech are political in nature. It has nothing to do with true diversity and inclusion as we're seeing with the backlash against LamdbaConf.

Child Labor Laws Are Outdated

Why are we still living with outdated child labor laws? If an ambitious teenager learns Photoshop and Illustrator why should anybody stop them from making money simply because they're under a certain age?

I Started a Podcast

If you like my writing, tweets, or you're curious about my thoughts on current events, politics, and technology you can find my podcast The Adam Morgan Show on iTunes.

Readjusting Expectations in Tech

Just as I'd expected something different transitioning from grade to grade in school, I'd done the same switching companies and industries. I'd expected something to change and the only real difference was my work.

Why Ideas Are Cheap

If I won't part with $25 dollars without confirmation that a product has been validated by the market on Amazon, why would an investor hand you hundreds of thousands of dollars for a business idea with no users?

Where's Snapchat's 'Our Story' for Ferguson?

Twitter helped organize a revolution in Egypt through a hashtag - #Jan25th. I really hope Snapchat goes along for the ride in the future.

Little Brother, if I had to go to college again

My brother recently moved away from home to begin his first semester of ...

The prisoner's dilemma of the UFC

While there were many legitimate reasons for introducing weight classes, it has produced unintended consequences that affect the health of the fighters.

Investors need to be accredited?

Why do investors need to be accredited?

Google Glass is ahead of its time

Wearable computing is the future of mobile technology but wearable devices are nothing but a novelty if they aren’t paired with the correct interface and this is where Glass falls short.

Why the exchange rate and public opinion of Bitcoin doesn't matter

From financial journalists to the currency layman, skepticism around Bitcoin generally comes down to two issues: usability and volatility. While the volatility of Bitcoin is definitely a topic worth discussion, I’m simply going to focus on the argument against its usability, or lack thereof, since I believe it’s the most critical issue for Bitcoin today.

Snapchat got me

Snapchat snuck up on me and is now easily one of my favorite apps. It provides a connection to people in our lives in ways that never existed prior to the spread of mobile technology.