Where's Snapchat's 'Our Story' for Ferguson?

Roughly two months ago, Snapchat released their “Our Story” feature. Similar to the “My Story” feature available to all users of the app, the “Our Story” feature provides the ability for a curated channel of snaps by Snapchat users that’s accessible to everyone. Its debut was at the Electric Daisy Carnival, a dance music festival with roughly 140,000 people in attendance.

Once I added the EDC Live account to my friends list, I was hooked. I had a first person view of the event from a variety of perspectives that I would find myself watching in short bursts throughout my day. Roughly a month later, they created another channel for the World Cup that was just as enjoyable.

These two events may have been a great debut for the feature but I think it’s time to see this feature applied to a variety of events.

There was an “Our Story” for EDC. Why not Ferguson?

Twitter has completely changed the way I consume news. Once I heard enough people mention the shooting of Michael Brown, I went to Twitter and searched #ferguson. That may not have made sense ten years ago, but that’s how many people consume news today. When something happens they go to Twitter and within a hashtag they can search through numerous tweets, articles, videos, and photos all related to that event.

Imagine that potential on Snapchat. An “Our Story” for Ferguson would give us ground level perspectives that we’d never see on cable news. We’d hear statements from people living the event firsthand. We would have the ability to see a town react as the National Guard moved in.

Twitter helped organize a revolution in Egypt through a hashtag - #Jan25th. I really hope Snapchat goes along for the ride in the future.

Where's Snapchat's 'Our Story' for Ferguson?
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Where's Snapchat's 'Our Story' for Ferguson?