I Started a Podcast

I started a podcast. I’ve wanted to start my own for a long time but as usual I tend to sit on an idea for a long time before I finally act on it. Sometimes I think this is a bad trait but I wonder if it serves as a mechanism for me to internally test my level of commitment before jumping in.

When I was in college I had an English teacher who had us write a one page paper every week that we’d read out loud to our classmates. After a few weeks I found the assignment to be extremely enjoyable. Eventually I’d show up to class with multiple papers and decide which one I’d read right before it was my turn. I had a lot of stuff to say but I couldn’t decide what I wanted to share. I’m not 100% sure because I never actually asked my classmates but I think I was one of the more entertaining writers/speakers of the bunch.

I remember finishing that class and feeling a little lost. I developed a habit of writing and speaking and I was starting to enjoy it. If I couldn’t be in his class every week I decided to start writing on my own. I started a blog on Tumblr and published my thoughts to the world. Other than actually writing the blog posts and hitting publish, I didn’t put any effort into it at all. I tried, somewhat, to keep it anonymous. I didn’t share my posts on Facebook or Twitter and I didn’t talk about it with my friends.

Eventually it started to gain some traction. It had a bigger following than every other social network I was using and I didn’t actively try to build a following. I simply published content I thought was enjoyable, thought-provoking, and entertaining for others to decide. With patience and persistence it was eventually an accidental success.

Unfortunately I started to lose interest in the blog and the platform after some time and I recently deleted it. Now, just like in college, I’m at a point where I want to continue sharing my thoughts. Programming as a career isn’t the fairy tale tech tries to sell you. Millennials are fucked in a lot of ways. The economy and higher education are in a horrible state where most people my age are tens of thousands in debt with a piece of paper that gets them nothing. But I don’t like writing enough just to do that.

A podcast it is, then. If you like my writing, tweets, or you’re curious about my thoughts on current events, politics, and technology you can find my podcast The Adam Morgan Show on iTunes.

I Started a Podcast
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I Started a Podcast