Google Glass is ahead of its time

Google Glass is futuristic and it’s a step in the right direction. Wearable computing is the future of mobile technology but wearable devices are nothing but a novelty if they aren’t paired with the correct interface and this is where Glass falls short.

I was excited when I first heard about Glass and I desperately wanted to get my hands on a pair. Finally, just a few months ago, I was able to demo a pair from a coworker who attended Google IO.

As expected, an active HUD makes you feel like you’re in the future. It’s an interface that’s unlike anything we interact with today that’s implemented within a discrete object. But as soon as you begin to interact with Glass, you realize how modern the device really is.

Okay Glass, take a picture.

Is this your mental image from sci-fi movies? Audibly communicating with a pair of glasses? It’s clunky, distracting, socially awkward, and requires far too much time and effort to execute a task.

But Glass is cool. It provides us with POV videos of people doing really cool things. But that’s not enough.

The iPhone didn’t change mobile technology because it was cool. Sure, it did cool things but it did much more than that. It changed your life. Living without an iPhone after regular use is terrifying because it’s become a part of everything we do.

Glass is ahead of its time by introducing a product before the technology exists to allow us to effectively communicate with these devices. Applications should open via eye-tracking or telepathically using an embedded fMRI. An interface such as this would solve all of Glass’ current shortcomings.

Glass would change from a cool piece of technology to show family and friends to a device that changed the world.

Google Glass is ahead of its time
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Google Glass is ahead of its time