The Political Pendulum

It’s been just over a month now since the Google Memo was first published by Gizmodo. Since then, we’ve already seen other companies such as YouTube, Eventbrite, and MailChimp take similar politically motivated actions like Google.

I believe Google’s move to fire James Damore is more ridiculous than most SJW-ish shit we’ve been seeing lately. One guy wrote a reasonable opinion piece (reasonable scientific citations removed from Gizmodo’s publication, bizarrely enough) at one of the largest companies in the world and nearly every media spin on the issue isn’t even close to representing what James actually said. A black person being shot by the police is a subjective situation with few witnesses or evidence of what happened. With James, we actually have his own words.

Google making the first move was validation. A startup firing an employee like James is an event that goes unnoticed. Google making this move is public and gives smaller players the validation to make similar moves. If Google can do it, why can’t they?

Well, why can’t they? And what does this mean for the future of the industry and social politics going forward? How far are we on the “swinging pendulum” of political correctness and what does the future look like if firings like the Google Memo become the norm? Where does this slippery slope go?

Let’s first go back to Hitler. This guy viewed people from an almost purely scientific lens. All but Aryans are genetically inferior. What was his method to achieve his goal? Killing them. Extremely fucked up and wrong.

The next step past this is enslavement. It’s still fucked up but at least there’s no murder. I imagine I’d rather be alive and a slave than dead.

Give history more time and you get discrimination and racism we’re all more familiar with. “Separate but equal” in American politics. Oppressed people are no longer slaves but they’re still disadvantaged and fucked over in a lot of ways. What’s the method here? Allow the oppressed to integrate into society but distinguish them from people in some way. Separate bathrooms, water fountains, schools, etc.

Take this one step further and I think we’ve essentially hit modern American society. Racism still exists but it’s no longer enforced by government through separate but equal. It’s largely private discrimination (no Christian cakes for gay people) or hate speech. In general, neither one is looked at in a positive light by most people even if they respect the freedoms of others to discriminate or use hate speech. Throw out “chink” or “nigger” in a reasonable discussion and you’ve stopped any chance of progress until an apology is made. In all fairness though, the “right” is more likely to let these private forms of discrimination slide.

Now what does the other side of the pendulum look like, how far on that side are we, and where does it go?

I think we’ve already made it to the “hate speech” equivalent. They don’t view it the same but the effect, a conversation ender, is the same in my opinion. I’m referring to terms like mansplaining or tactics like race or gender cards. On this side of the pendulum, your gender or race invalidates your opinion. It’s not as objectively insulting as calling someone a nigger but to say someone isn’t entitled to an opinion because they’re white? The person is substandard due to a characteristic, race or gender, that’s outside their control. Same shit, different rationale.

Take this side one step further and you get their version of separate but equal — government buy-in included in certain cases. Safe spaces, separate teams at work for underrepresented minorities, affirmative action, diversity and inclusion initiatives, etc. These groups are literally separated from others, sometimes purely through race, but the expectation is that everyone still view them as equals. I believe this is where we are at today.

Push this one step further (slavery on the opposite end of the pendulum) and what do I think we can expect? Rather than affirmative action or diversity and inclusion initiatives trying to get $MINORITY into engineering, why not push out from the other side? Instead of lowering the bar for minorities, why not cap the amount of white and Asian men who are interested in pursuing engineering or computer science? Some universities already require students to complete workshops which introduce students to “inclusive language” and “affirming belongingness”. Gender and sexual politics already have some who legitimately believe denying a four year old saying they’re transgender is a crime and the state should take the child away. We’re creeping towards their version of slavery.

But at the extreme, what’s their version of Hitler and what are their methods?

The Political Pendulum
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The Political Pendulum