Snapchat got me

Snapchat is one of those apps I installed on my phone expecting to remove in a week. I couldn’t see myself using it. Why would I want to send someone a temporary picture?

But Snapchat snuck up on me and is now easily one of my favorite apps. It provides a connection to people in our lives in ways that never existed prior to the spread of mobile technology.

In the past, communication was largely carried out in person or over the phone. Maybe through letters as well. But this relatively infrequent communication leads to an extremely filtered and high-level view of stories as you play catchup. You only share a handful of events throughout the conversation that may have occurred over a span of weeks or months.

But Snapchat gives us a glimpse into the lives of our friends and family through convenience. Snapchat makes it easy to share moments throughout your day. Short videos as you walk around downtown, pictures of your favorite coffee shop or the beachfront view on your vacation. Small moments that are now able to be captured and shared from the palms of our hands.

It gives me periodic photos and videos of my friends and family as they go about their day.

Just one more way technology helps to make the world a smaller place.

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Snapchat got me