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Readjusting Expectations in Tech

Just as I'd expected something different transitioning from grade to grade in school, I'd done the same switching companies and industries. I'd expected something to change and the only real difference was my work.

Why Ideas Are Cheap

If I won't part with $25 dollars without confirmation that a product has been validated by the market on Amazon, why would an investor hand you hundreds of thousands of dollars for a business idea with no users?

Where's Snapchat's 'Our Story' for Ferguson?

Twitter helped organize a revolution in Egypt through a hashtag - #Jan25th. I really hope Snapchat goes along for the ride in the future.

Little Brother, if I had to go to college again

My brother recently moved away from home to begin his first semester of ...

The prisoner's dilemma of the UFC

While there were many legitimate reasons for introducing weight classes, it has produced unintended consequences that affect the health of the fighters.

Investors need to be accredited?

Why do investors need to be accredited?