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Asians: Tech's Invisible Minority

So what's causing Asian men and Asian women to outperform whites? And more importantly, why isn't this racial discrepancy being addressed when we're talking about white privilege and a lack of diversity?

My Senior Project: Government Corruption 101

If you don't know already, TurboTax thrives off of the tax system being a complete pain in the ass. If there was no pain there'd be no TurboTax.

LambdaConf Is Embracing True Diversity

Most initiatives for diversity in tech are political in nature. It has nothing to do with true diversity and inclusion as we're seeing with the backlash against LamdbaConf.

Child Labor Laws Are Outdated

Why are we still living with outdated child labor laws? If an ambitious teenager learns Photoshop and Illustrator why should anybody stop them from making money simply because they're under a certain age?

I Started a Podcast

If you like my writing, tweets, or you're curious about my thoughts on current events, politics, and technology you can find my podcast The Adam Morgan Show on iTunes.

'Hello, Testing!' with Jasmine

In the world of programming a “Hello, world” program allows us to create a very small working program to verify things are working correctly. If you’ve ever written JavaScript and you found yourself wishing there was a “Hello, world” equivalent for testing, this is it!