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Startups vs. Corporations vs. Agencies: What's Best for You?

Whether you're already working in tech or you're looking to in the near future at some point you'll have to decide where you want to work. So here's list of my pros and cons between startups, corporations, and agencies.

How to Prepare for Your Next Technical Interview

Technical interviews aren't fun. Here are a few tips I've learned since I entered the industry.

Start Small and Show Up

The biggest error people make when building a new habit is to go from 0 to 100 overnight.

How I Motivate Myself to Learn

There’s two skills I’ve developed over the past few years that I value m...

The Political Pendulum

How far are we on the "swinging pendulum" of political correctness and what does the future look like if firings like the Google Memo become the norm?

Clearing Forms in Angular v6

Thankfully the solution to this problem is easy and takes just two lines of real code to get the job done.