Early Startup Hire



At Gather, I was initially brought on to do frontend work with my prior experience using AngularJS. But in the fast-paced startup world, I was given the opportunity to expand my skillset and focus more on backend work.

The first task was a temporary “hack” since our application was targeted towards desktop users. To get around this, I built a background job using Bull to allow restaurant vendors to reply to in-app messages via email when desktop access wasn’t available which would seamlessly integrate into the web view.

I built another background job to integrate with FullContact’s API to provide contextual information about customers for restaurant event planners to remove any social friction once they’d arrived.

After a few months on Gather’s main desktop application, I was chosen to lead alpha development for Gather’s hybrid iOS and Android application. During this process, I setup their first automated testing suite using Karma, Protractor, Jasmine, Mocha, and Chai.


This isn’t a comprehensive list of all technologies used for this project but some of the primary ones are listed below:

  • hapi.js
  • RethinkDB
  • Redis
  • AngularJS
  • Ionic