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Code Companion #6: Object Oriented JavaScript

In this tutorial, we're going to look at JavaScript by creating objects that we can instantiate using the new keyword as we saw in the last tutorial when we were working with Date.

Code Companion #5: Functions

Up until this point we've been calling functions (also referred to as methods) like console.log() and .charAt(). In this tutorial we're going to switch from calling functions to writing them as well.

WTF is Code Companion?

What the **** is Code Companion?

Styling Angular v6 Apps with Bulma

In this tutorial we'll learn how to generate a new Angular project using the Angular CLI and style it using the Bulma framework.

Code Companion #4: Properties and Methods in JavaScript

In this tutorial we're going to introduce some of the properties and methods exposed to us by the data types in JavaScript. Finally, we'll wrap up by taking our first look at iteration.

Stack Overflow's Toxicity Problem

Stack Overflow has been getting a lot of heat lately for being a toxic and hostile community, specifically towards beginners. What people aren’t mentioning is that everyone who’s used Stack Overflow, to a certain degree, is at fault for it being perceived as unfriendly towards beginners.