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How to Test Angular CanActivate Guards

In this tutorial you'll learn how to test a CanActivate route guard in Angular v6.

Code Companion #10: Forms

In this tutorial we'll be building off of the previous tutorial updating our user prompt to a more familiar web UI—forms.

Code Companion #9: DOM Manipulation

In this tutorial we're going to begin working with HTML to add some interactivity to our programs with a UI.

How to Mock an API in Angular v6

In this tutorial you'll learn how to setup an Angular v6 application using the Angular CLI and mock an observable API for your application.

Code Companion #8: Embrace the Suck

Learning how to code is like exercise. It's affordable, it's accessible, and the benefits are amazing. But it also takes self-discipline and a lot of patience. So before people ever see results, they quit.

Code Companion #7: Automated Testing

In this tutorial we're going to take a look at automated testing. Automated testing is a way for us to automate the testing of our code—something we've been doing manually up until this point.